Customer Testimonials

Our customers are our best sales people. To help you decide whether Anunnaki (U) LTD is the place for all your computer needs, we have posted some of our customer testimonials.

“Since we don’t have the need for a full-time IT person,Anunnaki (U) LTD was a perfect fit at KMS Advocate Co.
The service and advice we have received from Ronnie (IT Expert) since working with him has been outstanding.
Ronnie quickly and efficiently responds to phone calls and emails, and now maintains our networks so that we have fewer issues.Ronnie is very knowledgeable and helps you go over your options, making you feel comfortable in your decisions.
The peace of mind we have as a result of Anannuki (U) LTD is something we would recommend to anyone!”


“Whether you are looking into the purchase of a computer system, or simply need a repair it can be an overwhelming process. In working with Timothy from Anunnaki (U) LTD we were more than satisfied with the level of knowledge about a wide range of computer products that were best suited to our needs as well as the quick and efficient customer service.”

Emma Lutalo.

“We recently needed a new computer and had Patrick set us up with a new laptop.  He came out to our firm and moved everything from the old tower to the new laptop.  Things went much slower than I think he planned, but not once did he indicate that we were taking more time than he planned!  Very much appreciated!  The laptop works like a charm with the way he set things up for us!  I will definitely recommend Anunnaki (U) LTD to family and friends!!”

Cathy Komugisha.

Anunnaki (U) LTD do a great job. When I call Timothy, he usually answers my phone call right away. If he is busy, he returns my call quickly, to answer my questions and concerns. Last year he sold us a new computer along with the programs needed like Ms.Office Suite and Antivirus. It was great because he delivered and set-up the computer right here at our home. In March,Timothy had the computer cleaned up and returned in one day.I would recommend Anannuki (U) Ltd for all your computer needs.”

Stella Akello.